lunes, 4 de junio de 2012

You can leave your hat on

How many times have you put on a hat just to take it off right before – or hide it right after – you leave your home? We usually tend to think that hats are ridiculous or stupid because we’re not used to them: we don’t usually see people wearing hats on the street, for example (or at least in Argentina). But local and international brands know that this piece can make a simple outfit turn into something wonderful so they bet for this accessory this season.
With so many options you can’t be very difficult to find at least one that is right for you. You only have t choose your favourite one so next time you can leave your hat on and wear it with confidence.
xx, Paula & Vera.
photos from notorious, new york fashion, euronews,, tucci & other sources that we have lost but none of these photos belong to us.

miércoles, 2 de mayo de 2012

Maxi Skirts

Hi, everyone! Here we are with a new post. 
The long skirts were always features of the old and not at all provocative. With the intention of hiding, they were used by elderly or insecure of their body. Already last summer long dresses were imposed and this a / w joined in the proposal maxi skirtsThese come in different fabrics and colors to use on any occasionBy day, night, on the street or a party, long skirts are a must to give glamor to your look. They are allies when it comes to stylize, are used at the waist and mark your figure favoring your body.
First, we have the Argentinian brands with their proposals for this season.

 Ayres' black long skirt.
Complot's transparent maxi skirt.
Tucci's patterned skirt
Vitamina's dotted skirt

And Cultivo Diseño's colorful skirts.

Also we have the choises of celebrities like Esmeralda Mitre.

Clémence Poésy

Gillian Zinser

And we have created two sets so you can see how to combine the long skirts in the day or night.

viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

The sweater

Autumn has barely started and we’re already freezing here in Buenos Aires. Most of us are already ill and the rest is trying to avoid getting a cold. But every bad thing has its good side – this one has if you’re a sweater lover like us!
Sweaters are a very versatile, easy-to-wear piece. It comes in a great variety of shapes, lengths, colours and fabrics. You can use it either over a top or as a top itself.
We’ve seen Gillian Zinser using a baggy black sweater with a maxi-skirt for a relaxed, beach-y look and Miley Cyrus combining her grey one with jeans and boots for a more urban look.

Now, let’s move on to Argentina. Obviously there are a lot of sweaters for this season and for every season as this piece is an all-time basic. Between our favourites, there is:
Ayres with a knitted sweater which can be worn with a night outfit and with rolled up sleeves,

Complot with a stripped and written sweater,

Uma with an embellished sweater with star-shaped patches on the elbows,
And Chocolate’s red angora sweater

Although some of this looks may not be warm enough, we still love them.
Finally, as it can be worn at any time of the day, we decided to create two outfits for you to use as ideas: one for the day and one for the night.

XX, Paula & Vera
photos from tumblr, chocolate, uma, complot & ayres

viernes, 30 de marzo de 2012

Denim + Leather

Hi, everyone!
In our second post, we're going to talk about the new combination of materials that will be using this winter: leather and denim. These two materials are basic at this time of year, but now will be used together. Combined with basic clothes or daring, both can be used to go out, dinner or homely, and together, even better! Now, we're going to show you how international and local brands have combined it and how celebrities wore it last winter.

 Black leather jacket with blue jean and knee-high boots. 
 Complot -

Black and white jean shorts with leather 
jacket with a fur collar.
Muaa -
Denim jacket and leather jacket.

Leather pants and denim shirt.
Agnès b. -
Leather long coat and blue jeans.
Dquared2 -

Alexa Chung - 
Mirte Maas and Constance Jablonski -

viernes, 23 de marzo de 2012

The Blazer

Hey everyone, we’re Paula and Vera and this is our first entry in our Buenos Aires fashion blog. The idea is to show to the world the current fashion trends of our country, in this case, the autumn/winter 2012 trends.
For our first post, we’d like to talk about the blazer, a must-have in every woman’s closet. This is a really versatile piece – it comes in all colours, prints and materials and you can wear it with almost anything!
From going out at night to working, you can wear it in every occasion. And that’s why we’d like to start with it.
Now, without further preamble, let’s take a look at the A/W ’12 Argentinean collections:
Lately, we’ve seen a lot of rolled up blazers with a printed inside like this Koxis blazer (which Paula owns)

Also, there are some beautiful coloured blazers like the purple Maria Cher or the pink Uma.

As we all know, nowadays celebrities – and street style in general - are a big inspirations to designers when it comes to doing their job and, also, to all of us when it comes to choosing what to wear. Here are some examples you can use as inspiration.

Blake Lively in a Chanel sequined blazer

Kim Kardashian in an A.L.C. mint green blazer

Sarah Rutson in an Elizabeth and James ostrich blazer

Michelle Williams in a bicolour blazer

A floral one

And a striped one

Well, that’s all for today. We hope you liked our first post! Comments are welcome.
XX, Paula & Vera.