viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

The sweater

Autumn has barely started and we’re already freezing here in Buenos Aires. Most of us are already ill and the rest is trying to avoid getting a cold. But every bad thing has its good side – this one has if you’re a sweater lover like us!
Sweaters are a very versatile, easy-to-wear piece. It comes in a great variety of shapes, lengths, colours and fabrics. You can use it either over a top or as a top itself.
We’ve seen Gillian Zinser using a baggy black sweater with a maxi-skirt for a relaxed, beach-y look and Miley Cyrus combining her grey one with jeans and boots for a more urban look.

Now, let’s move on to Argentina. Obviously there are a lot of sweaters for this season and for every season as this piece is an all-time basic. Between our favourites, there is:
Ayres with a knitted sweater which can be worn with a night outfit and with rolled up sleeves,

Complot with a stripped and written sweater,

Uma with an embellished sweater with star-shaped patches on the elbows,
And Chocolate’s red angora sweater

Although some of this looks may not be warm enough, we still love them.
Finally, as it can be worn at any time of the day, we decided to create two outfits for you to use as ideas: one for the day and one for the night.

XX, Paula & Vera
photos from tumblr, chocolate, uma, complot & ayres

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